W3LP QuestionsCategory: English LanguageCan we really want to speak like a British or American?
Testing Teacher asked 10 months ago
I have this concern as whatever the amount we try we can’t speak like them! I need an answer do you really want to speak like them?

2 Answers
Kumara answered 10 months ago
Well .. Essentially you don’t need to be . so / Native speaking and  ESL English as a second language speaking is different situations. Today there are more ESL  speakers than native speakers in the word. There are more writers of world class novelists, scientists, dramatists and all sorts of …tists found from second language English speaking societies 
So never worry , speak English your way but remember not to stammer  but to use intonations and stresses whare necessary , that which make the Language  a rhythmic / musical or love to hear for the listner and that is all about mastering spoken language in English ,B’cos  English is a syllabic language  unlike Sinhala and Tamil which are non syllabic ( all letters are sound no letter is silent like a non syllabic language like English). So dear  join our institution  Your road is open to be a successful speaker og English through a short coaching classes with our expert teachers of English graduates. —
regards director studies WAK Warnakulasooriya  .MSc/PGDip/PGdIP/V.President WNCOE/ .AT 0714456212

Kumara answered 10 months ago
Also remember your spoken language is quite allright if only accepted in society not by imitating sudda fellow who is today far from RP English,  that the Queen used ….